47% off on eufy Security SoloCam L40

eufy Security SoloCam L40

47% off on eufy Security SoloCam L40. Start Date: 10/21/2022. End Date: 10/31/2022. Coupon Code: WS24T8123621 .

Save $80 on eufy Security SoloCam L40:

Save $80 on eufy Security SoloCam L40: Capture Every Detail: Clarity is key when it comes to keeping watch over your home. See exactly what’s happening in crisp 2K high-definition video.

Security That Shines: As soon as the ultra-sensitive motion detector is triggered, the 600-lumen spotlight lights up any unwanted visitors.

Bright As Day: See every detail of what’s happening outside when night falls with SoloCam L40’s advanced color night vision.

Protecting Your Privacy: 8GB of secure local storage protected by 128-bit military-grade encryption keeps your security camera’s records out of the hands of digital thieves.

Essential Alerts Only: The on-device AI only notifies you when people are detected, reducing false alerts triggered by passing animals or swaying tree branches.

eufy Security SoloCam L40 – $169.99

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