Toguard CE70 12″” 2.5K Mirror Dual Lens Dash Camera Touch Screen Front for Cars Backup Camera

Toguard CE70 12"" 2.5K Mirror Dual Lens Dash Camera

Toguard CE70 12″” 2.5K Mirror Dual Lens Dash Camera Touch Screen Front for Cars Backup Camera

About this item: Higher Resolution 2.5K+1080P with Super Night Vision. 12 inch mirror dash cam equipped with high resolution 2.5K (2560*1440p) front camera and 1080P (1920*1080p) rear camera.

The live streaming video from the rear camera is continuously displayed on the high-resolution screen, giving you a wide-angle view of everything behind you without the blind spots that reduce the visibility from a standard mirror.

Smart Voice Control System: The voice command of this rear view mirror camera is the best feature than other dash cameras. No need for extra wiring to trigger the backup camera, you just give it a voice command. You talk, it listens, which works flawlessly and makes it easy and quick to operate, like turn on/off screen, lock video, start/stop recording, switch cameras, etc.

You can keep your hands on the steering wheel and directly activate the desired function without navigate any menu.

GPS Tracker& Safe Parking Assistant: The GPS not only have the location of recording but also shows the speed the dash cam. The 170° wide angle of this dash cam is great to capture activities from both sides and eliminate the visual blind spots.

You can swipe screen to adjust angle while driving and reversing. Connect the red wire to positive lead of reversing light, then the parking line will come out automatically when reversing.

Strong Hardware & Powerful Functions: This backup camera with Sony IMX335 starvis sensor and 6 glassfixed-focus lens. Feature loop recording, G-sensor, parking monitor, etc power functions, 24/7 protect the car sercurity.

Store important video evidence and happy time video with family on road trips.

Easy Installation & Support Max 128GB Micro SD Card. You don’t need to remove the original rear view mirror, just attach the mirror dash cam to the mirror by the rubber straps. This dash cam supports max 128g high speed SD card(Not included).

Toguard CE70 12"" 2.5K Mirror Dual Lens Dash Camera

Please format the SD card to FAT32 before using. Professional customer service will work on fixing any issue within 24 hours. You will enjoy the best shopping experience!

Smart Voice Control The backup camera will recognize the specified command when recording. It’s more convenient and safer while driving. You can take pictures, lock video, turn on/off screen, turn on/off audio, start/stop recording without touch the display.

Note: Please turn down the audio when you speak the command, otherwise the dash cam may could not work because of the noise. The dash cam support English Command ONLY.

Adjustable Rear View Angle and Brightness The backup camera is easy to set the best angle and brightness by swipe the screen up or down. You also can swipe screen to switch front and rear camera while recording and driving. The lens of front camera can be swivelled.

Front camera with wide 170° field of view, waterproof rear cam with 140° field of view.

High Resolution in Day and Night The mirror dash cam with 2.5k+1080p front and rear camera records clear video in day and night. 12 inch big screen makes it clearly read the license plate of vehicle behind or in front of you.

The waterproof rear camera is available to work in raining day, assuring accident or insurance claim.

Note: The mirror dash cam will immediately default to rear camera full screen upon startup.

G Sensor & Emergency Lock Toguard CE70 mirror dash cam capture with G sensor function. It will lock the footage when it detect collision. This helps you save important evidence. In case that the dash cam lock too much footage to make the sd card full, please do not set the G sensor with high sensitivity and check the storage of sd card before recording.

Loop recording will overwrite the earliest unlocked footage when sd card is full.

24 Hours Parking Monitor There has three options (High/Middle/Low) sensitivity at parking monitor function. The dash cam will turn on automatically and take 20s video then lock it when detect vibrations, which ensure 170° front and 140° rear protection when you leave the vehicle unattended.

Safety Parking Reversing Aid System : Once you connect the red wire to the reversing light positive lead, the dash cam will switch to reversing mode when reversing light on. The full screen HD reversing image with parking line will help you easy to park.

Optional GPS Function : Optional GPS provides track the driving route, location and speed in either KM/H or MP/H. It helps you track the important location and speed if need evidence. You have to check driving tracker footage by customized GPS player “”GX player””.

The GPS cable is not included, please contact Toguard to get GPS cable if needed.

Safe Private Info Protection: The backup camera would not upload any private information to internet, no need to worry when speak anything.

High Resolution and Space-saving Video Storage: Toguard 12 inch mirror dash cam with SONY sensor which capture clear video. The H.265 compression format will save storage for more footage.

Toguard CE70 12″” 2.5K Mirror Dual Lens Dash Camera Touch Screen Front for Cars Backup Camera – $119.99
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